Welcome to the Snaildom Kingdom!

Snaildom is a free exciting virtual forest for kids where they can interact, play games and more...

Explore the Kingdom

Dress your Snail

Chat with other Snails

Create your own Rooms

Make new Friends

Solve Puzzles

Complete Quests

Complete Missions

Mine for Treasure!

Forge Armor and More!

Be part of Special Events

Safely Moderated Environment
Snaildom was created to be an exciting, original and different place for kids to hang out in a safe online playground. With young people in mind, a carefully crafted virtual forest has been constructed for safe chat, games, quests, creativity and more being developed all the time.

This virtual world aims to make a perfect home for our already existent community, the DamenSpike GAMES HQ, and any other new comers who are interested in joining in the fun... which so many scrubs around the world are so passionate about and have been loyal to for the past years.